31 December 2014

5 Winning Hangover Cures

It's New Years Eve! Congratulations on surviving another year, although if you're reading this on New Years day you may not feel like you have. If you're feeling less the merry right now, I have a list of remedies that may help your feel a bit better, but I'm afraid to say that the best cure might be prevention, so you may be a little but too late *slap on the back of the hand* but we will see what what can do for you...

27 December 2014

How to get a new look for new year

(Image by In the frow)

A new year is just around the corner, so what better time to be out with the old and in with the new! It’s time for a new start, so if there’s something you’ve always wanted to change about your hair or your style, now is the time. You might have had a bit of a tough 2014 and you want to make sure 2015 is different. An easy way to make a change is to update your look. Here are some great tips on how to change your style for the New Year. Remember though, you don’t want to lose yourself in it. Go for things that you’ve always wanted to, be daring, but always true to who you really are! There’s no point just buying something because you see everyone else wearing it. It’s great to be individual and unique, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd!

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas from Whichit

Fill your belly's with food and have a Merry Christmas!!

23 December 2014

4 companies we think have the potential to go global - The Sirius Programme

Last Wednesday we at Whichit had the pleasure of attending the Sirius Programme 1st graduation, run by the UKTI. Whichit enrolled on this programme back in April, which is designed to propel entrepreneurs into the business world, providing both guidance and aid start-up finances. 

Hosted in Wayra, the room was filled with young entrepreneurs on a variety of career paths, each group or individual brings a new idea to the table, the programme invests in many different sectors from fashion, to the environment, no two ideas the same, and every thought has the potential to be the next billion pound company. At this event you're in with the strong possibly of stood alongside the next Steve Jobs.    

Having been surrounds by and seen the success of these individuals, I have put a list of the 4 fasting graduating start-ups, the inspiring individuals behind them and the success they found within the sirius programme. If you are on this list, congratulations.

19 December 2014

4 Must Have Winter Accessories

Winter is here! This means the temperature has dropped and will continue to do so right until next year. So ladies, it’s time to wrap up warm, in style! Many people hate the cold, but you’ll like it a lot more if you’ve got the right accessories and are looking fabulous. If you have a passion for fashion, you want to make your winter additions to your wardrobe stylish yet practical. With our must have winter accessories you’ll be well on your way to looking winter wonderful. 

17 December 2014

10 Best Tech Gifts

We're not talking your average tech gifts that you get from those little pop-up tech stores around Christmas, we're talking brand new tech, that you don't even realise you need yet.

12 December 2014

Happy Hands | DIY for Christmas

There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday season. And between planning dinners for the family and throwing cocktail parties for friends, hosting can be overwhelming. It's actually possible to survive it (and enjoy it!) by keeping everything simple. And that includes your festive decor. Give your tree and your holiday table the personal touch or keep little fingers busy with some homemade Christmas decorations.

If you need a little inspiration to jump start your holiday decorating and crafting this weekend, We’ve pulled together few of the best Christmas decorating & featured DIY project posts for your convenience! Enjoy!

16 Worst Christmas Jumpers

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Christmas jumpers are now a massive part of the holiday season. You’ll find it very hard to make it through December without seeing some garish prints on the underground, or ghastly knitted Santa’s around the streets. This year Primark (the Christmas jumper king) has taken its crown one further, you’ll be hard pushed to find a jumper without flashing lights, 3d characters or loud bells sewn on it. So we're here today to showcase those jumpers that have gone that little bit too far...

10 December 2014

Teen Tech & 5 Whichit Hacks

Last Friday we were invited to present at TeenTech, an industry lead initiative dedicated to helping young teenagers understand their own potential and the opportunities available in the tech, science and engineering world. 

With most teens seeing scientists and technologists as crazy old men with grey hair and glasses, It is great to be able to step forward as a young team to show you the possibilities of working for an App in the future, as well as the results all our hard work has produced. 

9 December 2014

Interview with Santa Claus

Firstly, thank you so much Santa for taking time out of your schedule to be here with me today, I know December is very busy time for you, and secondly for working with Whichit for the Whichit x Santa competition collab! #WhichitSanta14.

So, lets talk about the new look, there's no denying you're looking a lot younger this year, and we've all heard the rumours about plastic surgery floating around, any truth in this?
Haha! No, no, the truth is I’ve been so busy the past couple of hundred years I haven’t had time to get a good hair cut and get my roots done, which left me looking a bit past my time. I did get a bit of laser eye surgery though, a little early Christmas present from the Mrs.

4 December 2014

How to throw a dinner party for £15.08

The holiday season is the perfect time to get together with friends and family to celebrate in style with endless amounts of food and too much drink, however not all of us can afford to throw an extravagant dinner party filled with gourmet meals and wine on tap. 

The chances are that if you have been googling 'how to throw a dinner party for £15' you're either a student or a young selfish person who doesn't like to share, either way we have the perfect dinner party for you...

2 December 2014

25 worst christmas gifts

If you're looking for a gift for someone you secretly hate this Xmas, we have just what you need. 

Equally, if someone gets you one of these gifts, you can probably bet that they aren't that fond of you either, and may even consider you a bit of an ick...

28 November 2014

A Lush Christmas

The winter weather is in full swing, and going outside is fast becoming a chore. Although most of us may feel at home in amongst the christmas shopping and festival activities, nothing is going to beat curling up on the sofa surrounded by fairy lights and tinsel with a hot chocolate and a holiday film. 

Lush has a range of christmas scented bath products to help make the transition from the icy outside antics to the warm couch potato evenings as easy and relaxing as possible. Check out our top 4 favourite products from the Christmas collection...

26 November 2014

22 of the funniest recreated childhood photos

With Christmas drawing closer and closer, heres hoping that you have most of your presents planned already, for those of you running a little late on the xmas planning, I have a cheeky last minute present for those sentimental types that you just can't fathom what they could possibly want. 

Get ready to raid the family album and gather up your siblings for a little childhood re-enactment, the prefect christmas present for that over emotional mum or sentimental grandparents...

24 November 2014

Champagne & Fashion in the House of Commons

Last Monday we took a trip to the house of commons for a champagne brunch. A chance to discuss the connection between fashion and politics throughout history, as well as address current ethical issues and  chat with a member of parliament about their opinion on our fashion industry related issues.

 The connection between the way you dress and politics may not immediately be apparent, but you only have to look back to fashion movements such as the hippie generation, when people took a laid back approach to the way they dressed and presented themselves, due to a rise in unemployment as a result of the recession, or the state of rebellion represented by the punk subculture, combining previously fashion absent objects like safety pins and chains to make a statement for their anti-establishment views.

20 November 2014

White Senses | 4 Ways To Wear Camel

4 ways to wear this fall’s trend colour CAMEL.

No matter if on the catwalks, in magazines, in stores or on the street. Camel is everywhere. You can find coats, knit or - this fall’s must-have - capes in this trendcolour. It is such a classy colour for fall and there are so many ways of wearing it. It's a great way to bring some accents to your winter wardrobe which is usually dominated by dark colours such as black, grey and dark blue. 

It is a natural colour which can be worn by every type of woman, no matter if you're blonde or brunette and can be combined with many colours.  

There are so many stylish ways of wearing camel. So get inspired by below pictures and be creative and create your own look.

14 November 2014

How to be a fashion blogger

These days everyone is a fashion blogger, don't get me wrong, I love them, but there are a few sure fire things that just scream blogger. If you are as obsessed with the style as much as I am, then you're in luck, I have composed a list of the top 3 things you should do to make anyone think you've hit the fashion blogging big time.

11 November 2014

Re-worked Furniture

We are always searching for that perfect statement to finish off a room, whether it's a designer accessory, a special vintage piece or a unique reworked chunk of furniture. 

Oliver Bonas has combined all this with this special collection of chest of draws. A mishmash of colour clashing draw fronts, contrasting handles and heaps of difference sized and shaped selves in one piece.

7 November 2014

Innovate Uk 2014 | Why I Chose The UK To Internationalise My Business

This week lays host to the UK's leading innovation event, Innovate UK 2014. Bringing together an audience of more than 2000 people over two days and putting them in front of 200 world's leading speakers to discuss ways to help grow your business, covering vital funding, support and presenting a vast amount of high powered connections. With attendees from research base, to government, business, as well as UK and international investors from 30 overseas markets, this really is the best event dedicated to networking with leading innovators. 

Alexander Wang x H&M

Yesterday saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M collection. The site was down due to high traffic before the clock had even reached the release time, which left many of us refreshing the page religiously for the forth coming hour. 

Those of you who braved the experience of shopping in store  were forming queues hours before the stores even opened, but it was all worth it to get our hands on the now sold out Alexander Wang collection.

4 November 2014

Halloween | Trick or Treat?

Halloween may have been and gone, your pumpkins are going cold and your treat bags are nearing empty, hopefully you managed to avoid those dentist neighbours with their toothbrush gifts or those health freaks down the road handing out 'natures candy', but if you didn't, and are stuck with an endless hankering for some nightmare triggering treats, this ought to do the trick...

31 October 2014

Halloween | Doggy Style

by Peddy the dog.

Get ready guys and gals... Halloween is here!

Halloween presents the opportunity to incorporate your favourite more-is-more runway hair and makeup moments into your costume.
While you are dealing with your slicked-back hair, bleeding lips look and your smoked sunken eyes, don't you dare leave me behind! If you’re not creative crafty, fashioning a unique Halloween costume that sets you apart from the pack of party-store drones could pose a problem. Thankfully, there’s an army of skilled crafters and artisans who are willing and able to bring your fantasy to life.

30 October 2014

Halloween | Pumpkin Fight

Halloween is just around the corner, you've brought your pumpkin and you're endlessly scrolling through Pinterest searching for what to carve into it. Most of you will soon realise your pumpkin carving skills reflect that of a 5 year old, and settle for some sort of traditional not so scary face, but for those of you feeling that bit more adventurous, check out these for a bit of insane inspiration.

23 October 2014

Brand | Daniel Wellington Watches

The Daniel Wellington watch is a blogger must have! Priding itself on capturing both a classic and timeless style combined with a simplistic design. These preppy watches inspire many of Instagram posts, making them the perfect fashion accessory.

So... Which one is your favourite Daniel Wellington watch?

21 October 2014

Instagram Week Summary

Last weeks Instagram summary (@Whichit)

17 October 2014

Brand | Nicole x Missguided

Nicole Scherzinger is back with a bang, for her second collection with Missguided. Sticking to a similar style as her pervious sell out collection with a large array of body cons, cutouts and leather detailing, but this time embracing a bit of sparkle.  

14 October 2014

Blanket Capes for Autunm/Winter

So thanks to Burberry it is now socially acceptable to leave the house clutching a blanket to your shoulders, whether you are grabbing the one off the end of your bed or hitting the stores for the latest prints, make sure this autumn you don't venture outside without one!

Here are the top 4 designs our favourite bloggers are rocking:

29 September 2014

London Design Festival | Airbnb

So last weekend Trafalgar Square was filled with arguably the best London Design Festival Installation, if you weren't able to visit don't worry, as I have got everything you need to know right here, in the search to find which one defined home for you! 

23 September 2014

Design | Re-decorate Your Home Office | IKEA 2015 Inspiration

'Don't take your work home' obviusly doesn't work for everyone. With a laptop, computer, or just a pile of papers, the home office environment should be comfortable, cozy and well lit

With inspiration of creativity & renewal that London Design Festival brings with it, my blog post is dedicated to improving your workspace design. There are a variety of interior design styles but I will choose to focus on the 4 leading workspace styles. I will ask you to leave your opinion and voting on the query in the end of this blog post… 

Which style would you choose to redecorate your own workspace..?
I'm so excited to know your opinion already!

19 September 2014

Stephi LaReine at LFW

This year was my first attendance to the grand bi-annual event that is London Fashion Week, and was possibly one of the best experiences I will ever have, surreal and something I will never forget.

On the catwalks we've seen a lot of young emerging talent, ironically as the clocks have gone back and trends such as the 90s have resurfaced, this year proved more than ever how we're forever moving forward by stepping back into a time capsule. I am going to walk you through two street style trends that took my eye at LFW SS'15 and two designers that proved themselves over others with their interestingly similar concepts depicted in unique ways.

All in Blue

This goes hand in hand with one of my other admired trend of the season that is denim, all over denim, I know double denim is supposedly a crime but the bright levi blues and navy have made a come back, styled in trouser suits, pleated skirts and jumpsuits with smaller accessories truly puts Picasso's Blue Period to shame. 


A term I had never heard a week ago but am now obsessed with, the phrase meaning Fluffy Clutch has hit us all overnight! I've seen this trend take flight in a few different ways this season, whether it's in a clutch or a chain shoulder bag fluffy bags are everywhere, my favourites were seen on the first day where the brighter was outstandingly the better. Teamed with some neutral nails, this trend is here to stay even transcending into the summer!

17 September 2014

Bloggers at LFW

With London Fashion Week drawing to a close, it's time to reflect on the trends! You can head over to review all the collections at londonfashionweek.co.uk but with SS15 (Spring/Summer) so far away (giving you plenty of time to plan your next season purchases) and many of us still trying to master our autumn/winter wardrobes, I thought id take a look at the autumn/winter styles the bloggers were showcasing on the fashion week streets! 

Street style is just as important as the catwalks, as many of the amazing designs on the runways may be a bit out of our price ranges, the outfits the bloggers pull together are the perfect renditions of latest trends. 

Here are our top street style trends from the streets of London Fashion Week;

Marble Print


12 September 2014

Kate VS Cara

With London Fashion Week starting, and the designers keeping collections top secret, making any predictions about the up and coming designs is practically impossible. Therefore it is only logical to turn our attention to the other element of #LFW, the iconic fashion models! 

Burberry seemingly have made history with the pairing of the two biggest names in fashion for their new perfume campaign. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, come together for the first time in Burberrys new advert wearing the iconic trench coat. Kate is seen cosying up to her little prodigy, who has been slowly reliving Kate's previous fashion world domination. Kate will always remain the face of nineties nostalgia, but is Cara becoming more iconic? 

 Kate was once the face of every important fashion ad, and the one to spot walking in every LFW, however since taking a step back Cara has wasted no time building a similar reputation, it's hard to pick up a magazine without seeing her face, whether its a stunning fashion campaign or a drunken picture, she is everywhere, even following in Kates footstep with her recent Topshop collaboration. But with Kates every growing absence from the fashion media, and Caras, increasing fame within the digital culture, is there a new face of fashion?

Are you going to be trying to spot Kate on the front rows or are you awaiting another Cara catwalk selfie?

10 September 2014

Whichit for Bloggers

Is your next post a trend feature or a wish list? Then add an interactive Whichit

Whichit is designed for decision making, whether its seeing which item you should buy from your wish list or seeing which item your readers loved most in your trend post!

Here's an example featuring the Missguided suede jackets, that are at the top of my wish list this season...

9 September 2014

Trend | Back To School

So the time has come, the moment everyone has been dreading. Summer is over and it's time to go back to school! Whether you've already returned and are feeling a little out of trend loop, or University is just around the corner and you are in desperate need of some style advice, I've pulled together a selection of back to school collections from the best online retailers.

26 August 2014

Brand | Made.com | The Grey Sofa

A sofa is one of those pieces you can afford to splash out on. With it being one of the largest pieces in most rooms, it becomes the main focal point and I very much doubt you're upgrading to a new one each year. You need something classic that can adapt to your ever changing style, and can withstand numerous years of redecorating. 

Scrolling through Made.com it seems a grey sofa is the clear choice. Whether your style is modern and minimalistic or vintage inspired, the grey sofa seems to work with everything.

Check out our collection of the top 2014 Interior Design styles, and the accessorise you should be including with your grey sofa (featuring Made.com Unboxed):

Eccentric Clutter

Perfect if you are a bit of a hoarder and looking for something cozy to slot into an already very loud and colourful room with quirky accessorise.

20 August 2014

Whichit at Number 10

From Start-Up Nation to Great Britain.

Whichit is an Israeli startup company who won the UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) competition for high growth startups, who are also taking part in the Sirius Programme for young entrepreneurs, of which the Accelerator Academy, one of the top accelerators in the UK, is a core part. Whichit is based at Innovation Warehouse, in central London.

18 August 2014

Trend | Dungarees

With all the stores stocking up on their autumn/winter collections, it's time to start looking for those transition pieces. Step forward dungarees! Dungarees have been a must have this summer and if you still don't have a pair, you should be looking to hit up the sales to get some. 

They are the perfect piece for layering, keeping it light while the sun is still out, or adding a long sleeve shirt or jumper as the weather starts to turn. Scroll down to see our top picks from the high street.

Which ones are you going to styling out through the seasons?


11 August 2014

Loving Grafea

The leather backpack trend has been around for the past few seasons but now they seem to be everywhere! They are no longer reserved for school children and travellers but are now a staple fashion piece. 

Before your run out and buy any old one, take a look at Grafea, these real leather backpacks may be a bit more pricey but the quality is worth it. They are designed to be timeless classics infusing beauty and durability.

They come in a variety of unique colours and styles, these are just a few of the ones we love; 

The Monochromes

7 August 2014

Trend | Styling | White Shirt

This is the first ever Trend post from WhichIt, so I thought why not start with something timeless and classic, The white shirt. 

Staple pieces are what make up a wardrobe, from your leather jacket to your plain white tee. There are always going to be those few peices that will never go out of fashion. So we might as well throw some cash at these eternal pieces and figure out how to style them up each season to keep up with the current trends! 

These are our top 4 ways of styling a white shirt for Spring/Summer;

The Baggy 90's Jeans

4 August 2014

Launch | Whichit

Online shopping is generally a lonely experience. 
You can tell your friends and family about where you have shopped, what you think of the products you’ve seen and talk about the reviews you’ve seen, but unless you are in the same room or on the site at the exact same time, there is no real way of getting their instant opinions. All that is about to change with the new Whichit platform, We have successfully completed a Beta testing stage of the product and are delighted with the response we have had; we are now ready for launch.

14 July 2014

Article | How To Deploy

Check out this article written by How to Deploy on just a few of the ways you can use the Whichit app, read it to find out how much more fun you can have online shopping, once you've downloaded the it! 

Click the image to view the full article on howtodeploy.com;

12 July 2014

Article | Innovation Warehouse

Another great article by Innovation Warehouse, click on the image to view it in full on the webpage, and let us know what you think!  

If you haven't already, download it! Otherwise you're going to have to make all these difficult decisions by yourself, and no one wants that, do they?

4 July 2014

Article | Geek Time

A great article has been posted on Geek Time about Whichit! Click the picture to read the full article at Geektime.com and find out how whichit can stop you from making some horrible fashion mistakes, that we have all been guilty of in the past!

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