4 November 2014

Halloween | Trick or Treat?

Halloween may have been and gone, your pumpkins are going cold and your treat bags are nearing empty, hopefully you managed to avoid those dentist neighbours with their toothbrush gifts or those health freaks down the road handing out 'natures candy', but if you didn't, and are stuck with an endless hankering for some nightmare triggering treats, this ought to do the trick...

Semadar Gordel (from COOKIEdough)'s creations are a product of an architecture degree and a love for French pastries and desserts. With her love for cooking steaming from childhood and an eye for design, she has managed to create an abundance of crafty cakes and cupcakes.

-Q: Where did the idea come from?
A: I love Halloween, I'm a fan of horror movies and the zombies genre, I wanted to bring that into the cupcakes world, and exceed the boundaries of cuteness, I wanted it to be fun and exciting.   

-Q: Are people hesitating eating the cupcakes?
A: I get variety of reactions, some people are reluctant to try, they feel it's too realistic, some think it's a piece of art and it's a shame to eat it, and some eat it with no hesitation at all... I found out that kids are actually more open to try unusual things than adults. 

-Q: Which is your favorite cake? Tell us why…
A: I would say the zombie mouth cupcake, without a doubt, it was challenging and enjoyable for making. Basically, I used the same techniques I'm using for creating a Halloween special effect makeup, only using edible ingredients.

-Q: Which other theme cupcake did you make?
A: I already made variety of cartoons themes, Lego, and other holidays theme as Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years and Valentines day. You're welcome to follow my next Christmas edition, I'm already running some fun design ideas.

These designs are a perfect combination of uncompromising attention to detail and creative ideas, never without an ingenious concept or story attached. Semadar would never leave her fondant creatures laying dull on top a cake, she uses her skills to create quality designs to be part of the story and full of life, even if they are a lifeless skeleton hand or zombie. In case you were wondering about what lies beneath, the cupcakes themselves are based on her favourite vanilla cupcake recipe, so they are not just a pretty face.

Visit COOKIEdoughshop for more details.

Vote your favourite gruesome cake design, and check out this sneaky little tutorial for Semadar's favourite creation, the zombie mouth cake... 


Interview by Galit Gan 
Article by Gemma Eve Pullen 


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