19 December 2014

4 Must Have Winter Accessories

Winter is here! This means the temperature has dropped and will continue to do so right until next year. So ladies, it’s time to wrap up warm, in style! Many people hate the cold, but you’ll like it a lot more if you’ve got the right accessories and are looking fabulous. If you have a passion for fashion, you want to make your winter additions to your wardrobe stylish yet practical. With our must have winter accessories you’ll be well on your way to looking winter wonderful. 

The Hat

First up, every girl needs a big wooly hat. They complete the layered winter look and best of all keep you super snug. There are a huge variety of hats on offer to you in the high street stores, from bobble hats to Russian fur hats. Have a look around and find out what best suits your look. For example, if you’re a bit of a tomboy dresser in the day then a bobble hat with a logo may be the one for you. If you find you’re a bit more glamorous then a fur hat would better suit you. For the quirky lady who likes to stand out from the crowd, opt for a red beanie, something that’ll turn some heads and compliment your alternative look. Hats are a great way to keep warm in winter, and cover up a bad hair day!

The Snood

This type of scarf has been a popular a few years running now. They come in a range of colours and patterns that there is no way you can’t find one to match your style. They look great over leather jackets and double-breasted coats. This stylish and practical addition to your winter wardrobe will help fight the freeze while keeping you looking right on trend. Make sure you opt for a colour that goes with your winter jacket. If they clash then, Houston we have a problem. You want to get the most out of your snood.

Bold Statement Necklace

In winter, finding an outfit for a night out is a bit trickier. You can’t just throw anything on and go out like you do in summer. The colder months of the year call for lots of layers and long sleeves, which may make you feel a bit dull and boring. With so much focus on keeping warm, you may forget to accessorise. Spice up your outfit with a bold statement necklace. Christmas and New Years are occasions to add sparkle to your outfits, so opt for a dazzling necklace with diamantes and pearls. Have fun with them! There’s a wide range of statement necklaces on offer, maybe get a few different styles and colours so you can team them up with various outfits. A statement necklace doesn’t just have to be worn over a party outfit, but looks just as fabulous over your favourite big knit sweater to jazz up your day outfit.

Winter Boots

Everyone needs a pair of these. They’re the perfect way of keeping cozy while looking great. There’s a huge range of boots on offer on the high street, you’ve got to think what’s best for you. Some girls prefer to have a big heel, but if you want to use them day in day out then maybe opt for a slightly smaller heel for more comfort. Winter boots can be many different shapes and sizes too. Knee high boots are very in this year, especially suede ones. If you prefer the idea of ankle boots, then the classic black leather heeled boots are right on trend also. If you want to be extra cozy and comfortable then look for a boot that’s fur lined. Nevertheless, you can just layer up in other boots with thick winter socks!

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Written by Georgina Evans

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