31 December 2014

5 Winning Hangover Cures

It's New Years Eve! Congratulations on surviving another year, although if you're reading this on New Years day you may not feel like you have. If you're feeling less the merry right now, I have a list of remedies that may help your feel a bit better, but I'm afraid to say that the best cure might be prevention, so you may be a little but too late *slap on the back of the hand* but we will see what what can do for you...

1. Chorizo

Yep, I was surprised as you, but eating fatty food before you go out helps line your stomach so you absorb less alcohol toxins and as Chorizo can sit in your stomach for up to twelve hours it's perfect for those long New Years Nights!

2. Ready Salted Crisps

We've all seen people stock up on Lucozade and other sugary drinks for the morning after, but it seems salt is just as important. I trust none of you will have the appetite for salt water when you've just woken up, so give ready salted crisps a go!

3. Ibuprofen and a Pint of Water before bed

This is a risky one, as it required you to be sober enough to remember to do it. Taking two tablets before bed along with a pint of water and then repeat as soon as your wake up is meant to be the best way to deal with those horrendous hangover headaches.

4. Light Exercise

Don't get up and run a marathon because that will only dehydrate you further, instead load some sort yoga or workout Youtube video, hosted by someone who is just that little bit too chirpy so you project the hate you're feeling for yourself onto them, and get those endorphins going.

5. Olive Oil

Much like the fatty food theory this Mediterranean idea says your should have a teaspoon of this before heading out to help line your stomach and relieve the morning after. Alternatively whack the oil in a shot glass and start the night as you mean to go on, by knocking back an unpleasant shot. 

Let us know if you're planning on giving one a go by voting below! 

Please Drink Responsibly!
Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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