29 September 2014

London Design Festival | Airbnb

So last weekend Trafalgar Square was filled with arguably the best London Design Festival Installation, if you weren't able to visit don't worry, as I have got everything you need to know right here, in the search to find which one defined home for you! 

23 September 2014

Design | Re-decorate Your Home Office | IKEA 2015 Inspiration

'Don't take your work home' obviusly doesn't work for everyone. With a laptop, computer, or just a pile of papers, the home office environment should be comfortable, cozy and well lit

With inspiration of creativity & renewal that London Design Festival brings with it, my blog post is dedicated to improving your workspace design. There are a variety of interior design styles but I will choose to focus on the 4 leading workspace styles. I will ask you to leave your opinion and voting on the query in the end of this blog post… 

Which style would you choose to redecorate your own workspace..?
I'm so excited to know your opinion already!

19 September 2014

Stephi LaReine at LFW

This year was my first attendance to the grand bi-annual event that is London Fashion Week, and was possibly one of the best experiences I will ever have, surreal and something I will never forget.

On the catwalks we've seen a lot of young emerging talent, ironically as the clocks have gone back and trends such as the 90s have resurfaced, this year proved more than ever how we're forever moving forward by stepping back into a time capsule. I am going to walk you through two street style trends that took my eye at LFW SS'15 and two designers that proved themselves over others with their interestingly similar concepts depicted in unique ways.

All in Blue

This goes hand in hand with one of my other admired trend of the season that is denim, all over denim, I know double denim is supposedly a crime but the bright levi blues and navy have made a come back, styled in trouser suits, pleated skirts and jumpsuits with smaller accessories truly puts Picasso's Blue Period to shame. 


A term I had never heard a week ago but am now obsessed with, the phrase meaning Fluffy Clutch has hit us all overnight! I've seen this trend take flight in a few different ways this season, whether it's in a clutch or a chain shoulder bag fluffy bags are everywhere, my favourites were seen on the first day where the brighter was outstandingly the better. Teamed with some neutral nails, this trend is here to stay even transcending into the summer!

17 September 2014

Bloggers at LFW

With London Fashion Week drawing to a close, it's time to reflect on the trends! You can head over to review all the collections at londonfashionweek.co.uk but with SS15 (Spring/Summer) so far away (giving you plenty of time to plan your next season purchases) and many of us still trying to master our autumn/winter wardrobes, I thought id take a look at the autumn/winter styles the bloggers were showcasing on the fashion week streets! 

Street style is just as important as the catwalks, as many of the amazing designs on the runways may be a bit out of our price ranges, the outfits the bloggers pull together are the perfect renditions of latest trends. 

Here are our top street style trends from the streets of London Fashion Week;

Marble Print


12 September 2014

Kate VS Cara

With London Fashion Week starting, and the designers keeping collections top secret, making any predictions about the up and coming designs is practically impossible. Therefore it is only logical to turn our attention to the other element of #LFW, the iconic fashion models! 

Burberry seemingly have made history with the pairing of the two biggest names in fashion for their new perfume campaign. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, come together for the first time in Burberrys new advert wearing the iconic trench coat. Kate is seen cosying up to her little prodigy, who has been slowly reliving Kate's previous fashion world domination. Kate will always remain the face of nineties nostalgia, but is Cara becoming more iconic? 

 Kate was once the face of every important fashion ad, and the one to spot walking in every LFW, however since taking a step back Cara has wasted no time building a similar reputation, it's hard to pick up a magazine without seeing her face, whether its a stunning fashion campaign or a drunken picture, she is everywhere, even following in Kates footstep with her recent Topshop collaboration. But with Kates every growing absence from the fashion media, and Caras, increasing fame within the digital culture, is there a new face of fashion?

Are you going to be trying to spot Kate on the front rows or are you awaiting another Cara catwalk selfie?

10 September 2014

Whichit for Bloggers

Is your next post a trend feature or a wish list? Then add an interactive Whichit

Whichit is designed for decision making, whether its seeing which item you should buy from your wish list or seeing which item your readers loved most in your trend post!

Here's an example featuring the Missguided suede jackets, that are at the top of my wish list this season...

9 September 2014

Trend | Back To School

So the time has come, the moment everyone has been dreading. Summer is over and it's time to go back to school! Whether you've already returned and are feeling a little out of trend loop, or University is just around the corner and you are in desperate need of some style advice, I've pulled together a selection of back to school collections from the best online retailers.

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