30 October 2014

Halloween | Pumpkin Fight

Halloween is just around the corner, you've brought your pumpkin and you're endlessly scrolling through Pinterest searching for what to carve into it. Most of you will soon realise your pumpkin carving skills reflect that of a 5 year old, and settle for some sort of traditional not so scary face, but for those of you feeling that bit more adventurous, check out these for a bit of insane inspiration.

Introducing Ray Villafrane. These clever designs don't even look real but I promise you that although we live in an age of photoshop extremists, these squishy looking pumpkins are all natural. 

If you're looking for something a big more frightening to scare off those trick or treaters, check out John Neill's horrific creations, incorporating a bit of colour into the mix makes   these designs really come to life, and ensures that no one comes-a-knocking.

Which style are you going for this Halloween, humour or horror? VOTE!


Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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