4 December 2014

How to throw a dinner party for £15.08

The holiday season is the perfect time to get together with friends and family to celebrate in style with endless amounts of food and too much drink, however not all of us can afford to throw an extravagant dinner party filled with gourmet meals and wine on tap. 

The chances are that if you have been googling 'how to throw a dinner party for £15' you're either a student or a young selfish person who doesn't like to share, either way we have the perfect dinner party for you...


Everyone loves pizza, and for those of you in doubt about the festive nature of this idea, check out these 4 Christmas inspired designs...Click the tick for your favourite idea, its vital for the next step!

As this is a dinner party, you can't just run out to Tesco and pick 6 £1 ready made pizzas and serve these too your guests, this is frowned upon in the grown up world, everything has to be made fresh.

Lucky for you, I found a simple recipe for pizza bases that caters for 6 people....

You will need a lot of Flour (45p) and some Dried Yeast (59p) the rest of these products you should have in your cupboard (if you don't, then you're clearly in need of a basic food shop and need to stop living on ready meals)

You will make the bases in advance but DO NOT cook them, this will be done at the party.


The best bit about this idea is that you don't need to organise any entertainment, as the entertainment is everyone making their own dinner (sneaky). It lets your guests be as creative and festive as they want with their food.

Set out a ball of dough for each person on a matt or clean surface and provide enough Tomato Passate (3x 35p) Mozzarella (9 x47p) and Pepperoni (2 x 79p) for everyone, because no one likes to share...

To keep the costs down, message your guests in advance and make sure they can bring any extra topping the want, you can try and pass this off as being considerate and wanting them to feel involved. 

The more they bring the better, especially as you want the pizza to fill up your guests up as much of as possible in the hope that they don't realise that you haven't provided any starter or dessert.


It's the norm at a dinner party for guests to bring a bottle of drink for the host, therefore you shouldn't worry too much about providing alcohol for everyone, however providing a fancy drink on arrival is always a nice touch.

Drinks for everyone will cost £6.85. That's £4.69 for a bottle of Aldi's finest, watered down with cranberry & raspberry juice (£1). This not only
gives it a pretty pink cocktail appearance but it keeps the cost down so you can serve more to your guests. Finish with a handful of raspberries (1.49), and a fancy made up name.

...And hey presto! You have a dinner party for just 15 pounds and 8 pence. 

Final Summary

All prices were right at the time of posting. Pictures from pinterest.com


Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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