2 February 2015


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31 December 2014

5 Winning Hangover Cures

It's New Years Eve! Congratulations on surviving another year, although if you're reading this on New Years day you may not feel like you have. If you're feeling less the merry right now, I have a list of remedies that may help your feel a bit better, but I'm afraid to say that the best cure might be prevention, so you may be a little but too late *slap on the back of the hand* but we will see what what can do for you...

27 December 2014

How to get a new look for new year

(Image by In the frow)

A new year is just around the corner, so what better time to be out with the old and in with the new! It’s time for a new start, so if there’s something you’ve always wanted to change about your hair or your style, now is the time. You might have had a bit of a tough 2014 and you want to make sure 2015 is different. An easy way to make a change is to update your look. Here are some great tips on how to change your style for the New Year. Remember though, you don’t want to lose yourself in it. Go for things that you’ve always wanted to, be daring, but always true to who you really are! There’s no point just buying something because you see everyone else wearing it. It’s great to be individual and unique, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd!

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas from Whichit

Fill your belly's with food and have a Merry Christmas!!

23 December 2014

4 companies we think have the potential to go global - The Sirius Programme

Last Wednesday we at Whichit had the pleasure of attending the Sirius Programme 1st graduation, run by the UKTI. Whichit enrolled on this programme back in April, which is designed to propel entrepreneurs into the business world, providing both guidance and aid start-up finances. 

Hosted in Wayra, the room was filled with young entrepreneurs on a variety of career paths, each group or individual brings a new idea to the table, the programme invests in many different sectors from fashion, to the environment, no two ideas the same, and every thought has the potential to be the next billion pound company. At this event you're in with the strong possibly of stood alongside the next Steve Jobs.    

Having been surrounds by and seen the success of these individuals, I have put a list of the 4 fasting graduating start-ups, the inspiring individuals behind them and the success they found within the sirius programme. If you are on this list, congratulations.

19 December 2014

4 Must Have Winter Accessories

Winter is here! This means the temperature has dropped and will continue to do so right until next year. So ladies, it’s time to wrap up warm, in style! Many people hate the cold, but you’ll like it a lot more if you’ve got the right accessories and are looking fabulous. If you have a passion for fashion, you want to make your winter additions to your wardrobe stylish yet practical. With our must have winter accessories you’ll be well on your way to looking winter wonderful. 

17 December 2014

10 Best Tech Gifts

We're not talking your average tech gifts that you get from those little pop-up tech stores around Christmas, we're talking brand new tech, that you don't even realise you need yet.

12 December 2014

Happy Hands | DIY for Christmas

There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday season. And between planning dinners for the family and throwing cocktail parties for friends, hosting can be overwhelming. It's actually possible to survive it (and enjoy it!) by keeping everything simple. And that includes your festive decor. Give your tree and your holiday table the personal touch or keep little fingers busy with some homemade Christmas decorations.

If you need a little inspiration to jump start your holiday decorating and crafting this weekend, We’ve pulled together few of the best Christmas decorating & featured DIY project posts for your convenience! Enjoy!

16 Worst Christmas Jumpers

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Christmas jumpers are now a massive part of the holiday season. You’ll find it very hard to make it through December without seeing some garish prints on the underground, or ghastly knitted Santa’s around the streets. This year Primark (the Christmas jumper king) has taken its crown one further, you’ll be hard pushed to find a jumper without flashing lights, 3d characters or loud bells sewn on it. So we're here today to showcase those jumpers that have gone that little bit too far...

10 December 2014

Teen Tech & 5 Whichit Hacks

Last Friday we were invited to present at TeenTech, an industry lead initiative dedicated to helping young teenagers understand their own potential and the opportunities available in the tech, science and engineering world. 

With most teens seeing scientists and technologists as crazy old men with grey hair and glasses, It is great to be able to step forward as a young team to show you the possibilities of working for an App in the future, as well as the results all our hard work has produced. 
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