9 December 2014

Interview with Santa Claus

Firstly, thank you so much Santa for taking time out of your schedule to be here with me today, I know December is very busy time for you, and secondly for working with Whichit for the Whichit x Santa competition collab! #WhichitSanta14.

So, lets talk about the new look, there's no denying you're looking a lot younger this year, and we've all heard the rumours about plastic surgery floating around, any truth in this?
Haha! No, no, the truth is I’ve been so busy the past couple of hundred years I haven’t had time to get a good hair cut and get my roots done, which left me looking a bit past my time. I did get a bit of laser eye surgery though, a little early Christmas present from the Mrs.

Well, it’s done the trick, you look like a different person, but why this year?
Things are changing, with the population growth and advances in technology, I physically can’t make all the toys back in the North Pole anymore, a lot of it is being outsourced to China, giving me a lot more free time to relax and enjoy life. *sipping a rather large G‘n’'T *

What’s the best thing about being Santa?
I think the best thing would have to be the fact that a large proportion of my work consists of eating and drinking, on Christmas day I dine like a king with millions of mince pies and shots of whiskey. What other job can you say you get to do that!?

What’s the worst bit?
I have a massive fear of bad children, if I am even in the same room as one it gives me huge anxiety issues, previous years I could just skip the bad kids houses, but kids these days are quite spoilt and parents kick off if their child gets nothing, so I have to give them something to avoid a whole law suit.

Well, on a lighter note, what’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?
Oh, there was this one year that I got arrested for breaking and entering, we all had a big laugh about it after but it was very traumatic at the time, put me way behind schedule.

That’s hilarious, well before we let you go, why don’t you introduce the #WhichitSanta14 competition
Gladly, well kids, over the next week I’m going to be uploading a load of must have gifts on the Whichit App! (Follow @Santa) To win all you have to do, is look out for the "#WhichitSanta14" Whichits and vote your favourite gift!

Here is the first giveaway, click the tick to WIN...

Please make sure you register or I won’t be able to tell who voted and you won’t win! Winners will be announced next week! 

Thank you Santa! Check below for some of Santa's best Whichits so far, and click the tick for your favourite pict!


Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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