17 December 2014

10 Best Tech Gifts

We're not talking your average tech gifts that you get from those little pop-up tech stores around Christmas, we're talking brand new tech, that you don't even realise you need yet.

Cicret Smart Bracelet

The latest wearable tech giving the google glass a run for its money, it links up to your phone and projects the screen onto your arm, completely touch screen! Although unfortunately it's not on the market right now, definitely one to keep your eye on.


Ever been doodling and been frustrated by how flat your doodles look, well then we have the perfect gift for you. With this crazy pen you can doodle in 3d, pop your coloured plastic refills in one end and it's like you have a 3d printer in the palm of your hands.

EmPowered Phone Charger Clutch

A step further then the phone charging case we have the phone charging clutch, the perfect gift for that friend that's always on the go and never has any phone battery. EmPowered have a large range of colours and chic designs, so its not just practical for the modern women but also a must have accessory! 

Netamo June Bracelet

This quirky little bracelet links up to an app on your phone to monitor the sun exposure, it tells you when factor sun cream you need and when you need sunglasses, but most of all prevents you from skin damage and sun burn. Not really one for the rainy UK but if your are a bit of a jet setter this may make your wishlist. 

Prynt Phone Case

Another one that isn't quite ready for the public yet, but one that had to make the list is the prynt phone case. It prints your photos instant, just like the good old Polaroid cameras, it may be a bit chunky but still a fraction of the size of what we used to lug around. It also allows you to film, print a video still then bring the image to life with the app! Pretty neat.

Pivothead Smart Glasses

These sunglasses have a built in 8mp camera in the centre of the frames, and are one of the most subtle wearable cameras on the market right now with great image quality. They can also record video and record sound with it's built in mic.

Smartphone Projector

The cheapest of all the gifts on this list is this £16 smart phone projector. A clever little vintage inspired box that allows you to project your videos on a wall, making it way easier to watch with your friends, instead of all gathering around your tiny phone screen.

Altrius Kovert Ring

Here is another piece of wearable tech that you need. These rings may not look very techy but they have a clever little secret, they link up to your phone and vibrate when you get important messages (triggered by code words or contact names), perfect if you don't want to be constantly checking your phone during meetings.

Halo Dog Collar

One for the dog lovers is this Halo collar. Making those late night dog walks less stressful for those dogs that just seem to blend into the darkness, you can spot your dog and stop that short panic attack when they disappear into the shadows for a split second.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Since we have gone wearable tech crazy in this post it's only logical to end with the biggest craze right now, smart watches! I've chosen to include the Sony watch as Im a fan of the sleek design and the fact it works with any android phone, not just their own brand like some of its rivals. Although the plastic strap is quite impractical, prone to attracting dirty and feeling irritable on the skin the watch does work with any standard strap.

Obviously the biggest must have tech item this year is... Whichit!
So, click the tick to vote your favourite, and make sure Whichit makes it onto your wishlist!


Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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