12 December 2014

16 Worst Christmas Jumpers

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Christmas jumpers are now a massive part of the holiday season. You’ll find it very hard to make it through December without seeing some garish prints on the underground, or ghastly knitted Santa’s around the streets. This year Primark (the Christmas jumper king) has taken its crown one further, you’ll be hard pushed to find a jumper without flashing lights, 3d characters or loud bells sewn on it. So we're here today to showcase those jumpers that have gone that little bit too far...

As much as we all count down the Christmas dinner, I don't think its partially festive to have one on your jumper... 

Peter and joy spent all year making their Christmas jumpers... and no one cared.

Top tip: glue fish fingers to your jumper for this cool snowman look.

When you suddenly realise that the reason your friends have been avoiding you is that you've been wearing the same jumper for 25 days.

For those of you who have trouble expressing your inner pervert this festive season.

Because nothing says christmas more then PSY in a santa outfit going at it gangnam style?

Well, no one every specified that Rudolph was a nice reindeer... 

Don't think your christmas jumper is quite hideous enough, take it one step too far and clash it with a tie. 

Well... its to the point, ill give you that

For those of you incapable of covering up for winter

For those of you looking to crush children's dreams this season. 


Well, its a long trip around the world, you do have to wonder, where he goes...

A Christmas jumper is the perfect way to display your local lost and found.

And the winner for the worst Christmas jumper, goes to this creative lady... er, well done?

Why not upload your favourite jumpers from #ChristmasJumperDay to Whichit?


Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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