14 November 2014

How to be a fashion blogger

These days everyone is a fashion blogger, don't get me wrong, I love them, but there are a few sure fire things that just scream blogger. If you are as obsessed with the style as much as I am, then you're in luck, I have composed a list of the top 3 things you should do to make anyone think you've hit the fashion blogging big time.

First of all, make sure you Instagram every cup of coffee you ever drink. For bonus points carefully place a fashion magazine, macbook and piece of jewelly next to the cup to ensure an optimum fashion blogger appearance. 

Secondly don't let a day go by without taking a picture of your feet. Put on your best blogger heels, clear a space and place you designer bag at your ankles. Make sure you hashtag #FromWhereIStand and #fblogger. 

Thirdly, nothing says blogger more than some impractical killer heels teamed with a pair of jeans! The jeans may vary in colour or style but for the best blogger look; your heels must be nude or black, either with a pointed toe or a little strappy number.

This look works with just about any other clothing combination, but if you truly want to embrace the blogger look, opt for a striped top or shirt with a few buttons undone, and of course never leave home without your signature leather jacket and sunglasses.

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Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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