2 December 2014

25 worst christmas gifts

If you're looking for a gift for someone you secretly hate this Xmas, we have just what you need. 

Equally, if someone gets you one of these gifts, you can probably bet that they aren't that fond of you either, and may even consider you a bit of an ick...

Sock Sandals

For the person that has absolutely no fashion sense.

Inflatable unicorn hat for cats

Because your cat has secretly always wanted this.

Banana Armour

Because not bruising your banana should be your top priority in life.

Bubble Wrap Jumpsuit

Sounds like a good idea, but once you realise you can only use it once, the novelty kind of wears off. 

Beer Googles 

Because who wants to hold a beer bottle with ease.

For the person that has it all, literally nothing. An empty ball... and it costs £5.

Sculpt your own boyfriend

Because nothing says your desperate and alone more then your friends buying you this.

Carpet Sliders

For those parents who want to spend Christmas day in the emergency room with their children.

Car Eyelashes 

For that incredibly vain girl, who wears so much make-up she needs to share it with her car. 

The Man Bowl

For that special guy in your life that eats like an animal.

Knit Your Own Beard

Because as hard as you try, you can't grow one yourself.

Cat Clothes Hangers, Shaped Like Cats In Clothes

For that person who is destined to end up old and alone with 30 well dressed cats. 

Garden Dog Sculptures

Because who doesn't want their garden to look like it being destroyed by dogs 24/7

Reluctant Bride Cake Topper

Buy this for your fiance, I dare ya. Equally as horrifying if received from your mother-in-law.

Ice Teeth

Why spit in someones drink, when you can leave your teeth there?

The only way you will get a man to do housework

So you can ruin those expensive new shoes you just got with permanent glitter

Because nothing is more disappointing than thinking you have dollar when you don't

"I have a cold chin" #SaidNobodyEver

Beer Matt Faces

Now not only do you not have a place to put your drink, but your mouth is covered too. 

Grass Slippers

Because there is nothing like the feeling of mud in between your toes

F#@K You Mug

Because everyone needs to be knocked down a peg after their morning coffee.

Because remembering to clear your internet history is hard enough, never mind having to remember to remove the humping dog USB as well.

We've picked our worst 4 from the list! Which one would you be most disappointed to receive?



Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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