28 November 2014

A Lush Christmas

The winter weather is in full swing, and going outside is fast becoming a chore. Although most of us may feel at home in amongst the christmas shopping and festival activities, nothing is going to beat curling up on the sofa surrounded by fairy lights and tinsel with a hot chocolate and a holiday film. 

Lush has a range of christmas scented bath products to help make the transition from the icy outside antics to the warm couch potato evenings as easy and relaxing as possible. Check out our top 4 favourite products from the Christmas collection...

For those particularly hectic and stressful days, I recommend the luxury christmas pub bath bomb, designer to help you unwind with its relaxing lavender oils. As it fizzes into a rainbow of colours, you will feel that day you spent shopping in heavy florescent lighting, and fighting through the long queues disappear. 

 Dashing Santa 

This one is bound to get you in the Christmas spirt as you watch Santa dash around your bathtub powered by his gold glittering boots. Filled up with orangey scents, ready to remind you to add those Christmas satsumas to the shopping list.

 Magic Wand 

This is a little reusable treat that will just keep on giving throughout the holiday season. Mix in some magic time and time again by waving this wand around your bath, creating snow fairy scented bubbles, Lush's most famous Christmas scent. 

 Holly GoLightly 

And Finally my personal favourite... This is by far the glitziest of all our favourite products, one touch of this leaves you sparkling for hours, and nothing says Christmas more then resembling the twinkle from the holiday decorations. 

VOTE BELOW for the Lush product that will be getting you in the holiday spirit this Christmas! 

Written by Gemma Eve Pullen


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