29 September 2014

London Design Festival | Airbnb

So last weekend Trafalgar Square was filled with arguably the best London Design Festival Installation, if you weren't able to visit don't worry, as I have got everything you need to know right here, in the search to find which one defined home for you! 

The landmark project 'A place called home' was in connection with Airbnb a website that I personally live by for any trip, as they provide a large selection of the most amazing 'homes' to stay in during your travels as appose to overprices hotel rooms.

Four designers were asked 'What makes the perfect home?" and asked to present the answer in the middle of Trafalgar square, a place that boost great water features and sculptures but as of yet no real life accommodation. Some took it quite literally looking at space and reason, while others took a more metaphorical approach. Check out the four below, and don't forget to vote your favourite!

Raw Edges | Space

"Asking how much space do you really need?"

Showing how home is just a space we exist within, a piece of architecture we choose to live within, showing how unnessacary the space around us is. The featured quote was overhead by one of the designers, this put forward a relevant question, one you will know all too well if you actually live in London. 

With its sliding walls, careful cut outs and fold away features, it demonstrates the little space you really need. Although we all fill up our homes with trinkets and various belongings, the space we actually exist within is day by day is often very small. 

Patternity | Kaleidohome

"Celebrating the patterns that shape everyday life"

This piece stood out from the rest, as you did not gaze inside a home but instead were faced with a giant kaleidoscope that. In manually spinning the giant wooden wheel you and the world around you were reflected into a mirrored every changing image. 

You were looking less as what was inside a home but more at the patterns that shape it. They spoke about the whole world contributing to your home, the people you meet, the places you visit, all linking together and forming the shapes that we live by.

Jasper Morrison | Pigeon Hole

"A Pigeon Fancier's Home"

This was a very literally piece, instead of asking what is home, it asked, who would want to live in the middle of Trafalgar square! One look around and besides the beautiful views of architecture and sculpture, the other noticeable dominance of the area was of corse pigeons, so what better location for a pigeon fancier to spend a lifetime spying from this spot? 

Hosting more windows then any of the other homes and with every detail centred around pigeons watching and tracking, with maps, binoculars, posters and books. Although this may not be the first choice for home for everyone, it did comically embody a practical use for a home in Trafalgar Square.  

IIse Crawford | Home?

"What does home mean to you?"

This space was empty with nothing but a projector propped up at one end of the wooden frame but still managed to translate the emotion that is behind every home. Asking 'what is home to you?'

This one stands as the favourite for most people who I've discussed this with as instead of looking at just one home it captures the small details that make up every home. The personal touches, the post that falls on your doormat each day, the tangled wires that are hidden behind your tv, all the way through to the true home comfort of home cooking.

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Pictures from - Gemma Eve Pullen // Galit Gan // London Design Festival 

Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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