28 November 2014

A Lush Christmas

The winter weather is in full swing, and going outside is fast becoming a chore. Although most of us may feel at home in amongst the christmas shopping and festival activities, nothing is going to beat curling up on the sofa surrounded by fairy lights and tinsel with a hot chocolate and a holiday film. 

Lush has a range of christmas scented bath products to help make the transition from the icy outside antics to the warm couch potato evenings as easy and relaxing as possible. Check out our top 4 favourite products from the Christmas collection...

26 November 2014

22 of the funniest recreated childhood photos

With Christmas drawing closer and closer, heres hoping that you have most of your presents planned already, for those of you running a little late on the xmas planning, I have a cheeky last minute present for those sentimental types that you just can't fathom what they could possibly want. 

Get ready to raid the family album and gather up your siblings for a little childhood re-enactment, the prefect christmas present for that over emotional mum or sentimental grandparents...

24 November 2014

Champagne & Fashion in the House of Commons

Last Monday we took a trip to the house of commons for a champagne brunch. A chance to discuss the connection between fashion and politics throughout history, as well as address current ethical issues and  chat with a member of parliament about their opinion on our fashion industry related issues.

 The connection between the way you dress and politics may not immediately be apparent, but you only have to look back to fashion movements such as the hippie generation, when people took a laid back approach to the way they dressed and presented themselves, due to a rise in unemployment as a result of the recession, or the state of rebellion represented by the punk subculture, combining previously fashion absent objects like safety pins and chains to make a statement for their anti-establishment views.

20 November 2014

White Senses | 4 Ways To Wear Camel

4 ways to wear this fall’s trend colour CAMEL.

No matter if on the catwalks, in magazines, in stores or on the street. Camel is everywhere. You can find coats, knit or - this fall’s must-have - capes in this trendcolour. It is such a classy colour for fall and there are so many ways of wearing it. It's a great way to bring some accents to your winter wardrobe which is usually dominated by dark colours such as black, grey and dark blue. 

It is a natural colour which can be worn by every type of woman, no matter if you're blonde or brunette and can be combined with many colours.  

There are so many stylish ways of wearing camel. So get inspired by below pictures and be creative and create your own look.

14 November 2014

How to be a fashion blogger

These days everyone is a fashion blogger, don't get me wrong, I love them, but there are a few sure fire things that just scream blogger. If you are as obsessed with the style as much as I am, then you're in luck, I have composed a list of the top 3 things you should do to make anyone think you've hit the fashion blogging big time.

11 November 2014

Re-worked Furniture

We are always searching for that perfect statement to finish off a room, whether it's a designer accessory, a special vintage piece or a unique reworked chunk of furniture. 

Oliver Bonas has combined all this with this special collection of chest of draws. A mishmash of colour clashing draw fronts, contrasting handles and heaps of difference sized and shaped selves in one piece.

7 November 2014

Innovate Uk 2014 | Why I Chose The UK To Internationalise My Business

This week lays host to the UK's leading innovation event, Innovate UK 2014. Bringing together an audience of more than 2000 people over two days and putting them in front of 200 world's leading speakers to discuss ways to help grow your business, covering vital funding, support and presenting a vast amount of high powered connections. With attendees from research base, to government, business, as well as UK and international investors from 30 overseas markets, this really is the best event dedicated to networking with leading innovators. 

Alexander Wang x H&M

Yesterday saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M collection. The site was down due to high traffic before the clock had even reached the release time, which left many of us refreshing the page religiously for the forth coming hour. 

Those of you who braved the experience of shopping in store  were forming queues hours before the stores even opened, but it was all worth it to get our hands on the now sold out Alexander Wang collection.

4 November 2014

Halloween | Trick or Treat?

Halloween may have been and gone, your pumpkins are going cold and your treat bags are nearing empty, hopefully you managed to avoid those dentist neighbours with their toothbrush gifts or those health freaks down the road handing out 'natures candy', but if you didn't, and are stuck with an endless hankering for some nightmare triggering treats, this ought to do the trick...

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