12 September 2014

Kate VS Cara

With London Fashion Week starting, and the designers keeping collections top secret, making any predictions about the up and coming designs is practically impossible. Therefore it is only logical to turn our attention to the other element of #LFW, the iconic fashion models! 

Burberry seemingly have made history with the pairing of the two biggest names in fashion for their new perfume campaign. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, come together for the first time in Burberrys new advert wearing the iconic trench coat. Kate is seen cosying up to her little prodigy, who has been slowly reliving Kate's previous fashion world domination. Kate will always remain the face of nineties nostalgia, but is Cara becoming more iconic? 

 Kate was once the face of every important fashion ad, and the one to spot walking in every LFW, however since taking a step back Cara has wasted no time building a similar reputation, it's hard to pick up a magazine without seeing her face, whether its a stunning fashion campaign or a drunken picture, she is everywhere, even following in Kates footstep with her recent Topshop collaboration. But with Kates every growing absence from the fashion media, and Caras, increasing fame within the digital culture, is there a new face of fashion?

Are you going to be trying to spot Kate on the front rows or are you awaiting another Cara catwalk selfie?


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Written by Gemma Eve Pullen

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