4 August 2014

Launch | Whichit

Online shopping is generally a lonely experience. 
You can tell your friends and family about where you have shopped, what you think of the products you’ve seen and talk about the reviews you’ve seen, but unless you are in the same room or on the site at the exact same time, there is no real way of getting their instant opinions. All that is about to change with the new Whichit platform, We have successfully completed a Beta testing stage of the product and are delighted with the response we have had; we are now ready for launch.

Whichit allows the user to take up to four pictures; either from your camera, the gallery, online link or even your preferred social network such as Instagram, and upload it to the Whichit community and to your social networks. Your friends can give feedback by voting, commenting and with the incorporated easy to use and interesting icons including those such as ‘Hot,’ ‘Cool’ and so forth. The voting system enables you to glance who voted of each frame, sorting by the community, your friends, boys and girls. One feature of Whichit is the private sharing option, which allows you to share with only few friends. This comes in very handy if you are trying to surprise someone and need to hide your gift ideas or just want to be discreet. 

Follow this blog now, to keep up to date with all the new and exciting ways to use the app including anything from styling to baking! 

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